Indigenous plant nurseries

Many Melbourne nurseries specialise in indigenous plants. By supporting your local indigenous nursery you’ll be investing in plants best-suited to the soils and climate of your suburb.

Native vs. Indigenous plants

The words ‘indigenous plants’ and ‘native plants’ are often used interchangeably, but they mean different things. Native refers to plants that occur somewhere within a particular country, state or territory, while indigenous is often more specific (e.g. a particular mountain or valley). Within our city there are quite a wide range of rainfall, soil and climatic conditions. Choose species that are truly indigenous to your suburb and they'll need little care once established.

Poster - Bring the Bush to Your Backyard

Download our poster and habitat checklist (PDF 4mb)



This incredible app allows users to upload their wildlife sightings and get identifications from experts as well as the app’s inbuilt species-identifying artificial intelligence. Users can also search for the distribution of species and their seasonal activity, and interact with experts to ask questions and share information. Best of all, the observations you upload can be used by researchers and conservationists to better study and protect wildlife.

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna

This free app produced by Museum Victoria is an easy-to-use field guide to the wildlife of Melbourne and comes with distribution maps, information on the biology of each species, and in some cases audio recordings of the calls of many birds and frogs.


Melbourne's Wildlife: A Field Guide to Fauna of Greater Melbourne
– Museum Victoria

This field guide covers all the common wildlife of Melbourne. It’s broken down into the major groups for ease of use and is well illustrated to help users better identify all of the most commonly encountered species from insects to birds, mammals and frogs. It’s essential reading for any backyard conservationist in Melbourne hoping to get to know their local species.

A Field Guide to Insects in Australia (Fourth Edition)
– Paul Zborowski and Ross Storey

This field guide is a fantastic introduction to Australia’s diverse insect fauna and will help you to recognise the major groups and a range of commonly encountered species which may visit your garden. It’s filled with plenty of pictures and easy-to-read text without too much jargon.

Trees of Victoria and Adjoining Areas
– Leon Costermans

This pocket-sized field guide is an easy-to-use and well-illustrated essential for gardeners or backyard conservationists looking to identify and better-recognise their local native trees. It also provides information on height and growth habits of Victorian trees to help you decide which indigenous trees may best suit your property.

The Nestbox Book (Second Edition)
– Gould League

This useful guide gives excellent advice on the installation and maintenance of nest boxes for Australian wildlife, and even includes details and measurements for constructing your own nest boxes if you want to try your hand at building one!

Garden guides

How to create habitat for native species in your own backyard.

The ‘Meet your native neighbours’ campaign is brought to you by Bush Heritage Australia, with support from Yarra Trams.

Bush Heritage is an independent, not-for-profit conservation organisation helping to protect over 11 million hectares of habitat through its network of reserves and partnerships with Aboriginal people and the agricultural sector.